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Chaoyun Bao, Conference Committee

What do you love about SWIB? I love SWIB's mission of empowering women in the Stern community and bringing equality to the broader NYU community. And the fact that I am working with a group of smart, kind and driven Sternies towards that mission.

Favorite part about Stern: My favorite part about Stern is the entire Stern community, including the students, the professors, the alumni and all the staff members. Everyone is very proud to be part of it and you have this mutual connection as soon as you bring up Stern.

Advice for women considering pursuing business school: Just go for it and lean in if you feel an MBA would help your career. There is no best timing or perfect application. Make sure you reach out to current students and get a feel of the fit before you commit.

Fun Fact: I have completed 2 half marathon so far.