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Erin Kristovich, VP of Alumni relations

What do you love about SWIB? Meeting other MBA1s and MBA2s that I didn't know before.

Favorite SWIB Memory: The first NYU event I attended was a SWIB happy hour a couple weeks before Launch started and it made me so excited to start at NYU - a lot of the people I met at that event are some of my closest friends now.

Favorite part about Stern: The community of people - I definitely did not realize how many hours would be spent on campus doing homework, going to events, or working on projects and it's actually enjoyable because there are always a ton of people around doing the same thing.

Advice for women considering pursuing business school: Go for it! I was on the fence about it for awhile but it is one of the best decisions I've made. It's a big step in taking ownership of your own personal and career growth.

Fun Fact: I have a minor (major?) sunglasses obsession...I have about 15 pairs and counting.