JC Headshot 9.2017.jpg

Jill czarnik, VP of flagship events

What do you love about SWIB? SWIB is one of the friendiest organizations on campus. Everyone involved brings a genuine, positive energy to help eachother and collaborate inside and out of the Stern campus.

Favorite SWIB Memory:  I loved being a part of this year's Women's Week. I might bring some bias as the VP of Flagship events, but I truly love the SWIB momentum you feel around Stern during that week that brings us together. I will have to report back a more hilarious SWIB memory once I attempting golfing for the first time with SWIB next week.

Favorite Part about Stern: Our community is amazing (if you haven't heard). Also, our location in Manhattan gives our campus such a unique energy.

Advice for women considering pursuing business school: Have confidence in investing in yourself by going to business school. Your career will span for many decades and it's okay to take a time-out for two years to anchor on what's important to you and finding the career that aligns.

Fun Fact: I'm a certified yogi and corporate mindfulness instructor. Mindfulness, especially in the chaos of business school, has been incredibly impacted to my life.