Headshot - Maddie Scheler.jpg

Maddie Scheler, SWIB Co-president

What do you love about SWIB? I love that SWIB allies are just as passionate (and sometimes even more so) about the efforts and objectives of the club.

Favorite SWIB Memory: As a Stern candidate, I looked around the Opening Doors for Women event and was lifted by the volume of women setting out on their next chapter and by the high caliber conversations happening all around me.

Favorite Part about Stern: Moments of laughter while working hard with new friends.

Advice for women considering pursuing business school: If you're someone with little-to-no quantitative background (like me), don't shy away from applying. Often, things you view as your own shortcomings are seen by others as a unique perspective and/or a drive to learn.

Fun Fact: I'm a middle child.