Meet: Christi Yung

Her Story: I grew up in the Bay Area and my background is in retail and international trade. Prior to business school, I spent two years with KPMG’s Trade and Customs practice before joining Williams Sonoma in various ecommerce and buying roles. My experiences have allowed me to see the stark reality of how the retail industry affects global communities and the systemic issues behind mistreated workers and environmental degradation. I decided to get my MBA because I am interested in driving change in organizations to create more sustainable business practices.

What advice do you have for women thinking about pursuing business school? We need more women in leadership positions – this is the only way that things will change. There is no better place to be than surrounded by those who are rooting for your success. This has been my experience at NYU Stern and I am very thankful for the support of classmates who continue to inspire me each day. I am looking forward to the day where there are no longer female leaders, but simply leaders.

What advice do you have for prospective students? Take the time to do some soul searching about what is important to you and how that relates to your career. Have a game plan for business school and when you get here, be intentional with your time. The first few weeks of any MBA program can be overwhelming with an endless number of events and opportunities and it helps to have focus and remember why you’re here.

What is a fun fact about you? I used to fly airplanes!

What's your favorite part of being a student at Stern? The people! Everyone that I’ve met is so smart and down to earth. We take pride in being each other’s biggest cheerleaders through the successes and failures.

Christi Yung,   Class of 2019

Christi Yung, Class of 2019