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Zahra Amin, VP of corporate relations - finance

What do you love about SWIB? I love that SWIB is a dedicated forum to talk about topics that are rarely discussed in other contexts. There is a freedom with SWIB to bring up anything we encounter in school or at work where we feel we need support, encouragement, and/or dialogue.

Favorite SWIB Memory: I went to a Dine 'n' Dash dinner last semester with a few students from the Langone program, and had such a lovely time. None of us knew each other very well prior to the dinner and we had such a great time sharing our experiences, getting advice, and bonding over great (free!) food.

Favorite part about Stern: That is hard to answer. I think my favorite part as an MBA2 is serving as a mentor, helping people prepare for interviews, and paying forward all of the amazing support and mentorship I got last year.

Advice for women considering pursuing business school: Find a business school where you truly feel as if you fit in. Your business school becomes your community for two years, and there is so much value from finding a place where you will thrive.

Fun Fact: 1) I bake incredible peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. 2) My wedding lasted nine months, so I am much more familiar with wedding planning than I ever anticipated I would be.