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Have a question for SWIB? Feel like introducing yourself? Interested in working with us? We're all ears. Fill out the form below or email swib@stern.nyu.edu and one of our board members will get back to you soon.

Prospective Students: We are always happy to chat with you or connect you to another student! Please reach out to set up a meeting with a current SWIB member or if you have any questions or concerns. You can email swibadmissions@stern.nyu.edu

Corporate Partners: Please reach out to our VPs, Corporate Relations with any questions regarding sponsorship or hosting events in the fall. For financial services firms, please contact Alyssa Smith (ajs1322@stern.nyu.edu). For consulting and technology firms, please contact Jennifer Lee (jl2825@stern.nyu.edu)

Urgent Matters: For all urgent matters, please email the co-Presidents (Tiffaine Stephens and Anna Ward) directly at tls447@stern.nyu.edu and alw370@stern.nyu.edu.

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