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Stern Women in Business (SWIB) is an organization that promotes the advancement of businesswomen within and beyond the Stern community.

In the past, SWIB has focused on fostering connections among Stern women, and we're proud to continue creating spaces for female students to come together and discuss topics significant to women in business. At the same time, we believe our responsibility in the twenty-first century extends beyond the traditional scope of an MBA women's club, and today SWIB engages in a broad range of activities designed to prepare every Stern student to enter a business world where gender equality is an ideal that has yet to be realized.

Our goal is to cultivate an informed, active, supportive MBA community for women, and in doing so, to be a positive force for gender equality in the world beyond Stern.

SWIB pursues this goal with a three-part mission:

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the professional and personal goals of Stern women through networking events, skill-building workshops, and personal development seminars


the Stern community around gender equality issues by educating students, faculty, and administrators, starting school-wide conversations, and advocating on behalf of Stern women's interests

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Stern to the global gender equality movement by inviting world-class speakers to campus, hosting forward-thinking flagship events, and representing Stern to prospective women and alumnae